4-LegĀ Photo Contest
4-Leg Pet Photo Contest Fundraiser šŸ“ø
4-Leg Pet Photo
Contest Fundraiser šŸ“ø

We recognize your supporters have a personal connection with your organization. That's why we place your Organization's mission front and center to create a Fundraiser that is uniquely yours ā€” at NO cost!

How Does Our Photo Contest Work?

Determine Your Campaign Start Date

Define Your Campaign Goals and Prizes

Promote Campaign Through all Channels

Our platform is utilized by Humane Societies, Animal Rescues and Non-Profits across the United States.

Fully Customized ā€¢ Prizes Provided ā€¢ No Fees EVER

Get Started ā†’

Pet Photo Contest

    We Work With Your Organization to Identify Fundraising Goals and Begin Building Your On-Brand Customized Photo Contest.

    We Launch Your Fundraiser and Provide You With a Dedicated URL, Contest Website, Checkout and Support Social Media Outlets.


    Once Your Contest is Complete, We Provide the Prizes, In-Depth Reports detailing the Activity of Your Fundraiser and Funds Due.

Turn-KEY Solution

Pet Photo Fundraiser Fundamentals

Our team creates a unique pet photo contest website consistent with your organization's branding and mission goals. Supported by 4-Leg's user-friendly platform.

  • Supporters and followers can upload their photos to the contest site.Ā All pets entered will receive 10 votes to start out.

  • Participants prompt their friends and family to support their entry by utilizing the social media links provided in the content.

  • The leaderboard on your Contest homepage automatically updates in real time to reflect the current standings.

    All Prizes ā€” On Us

    4-Leg Treats will provide all prizes to the winners at the end of the contest as well as shipping the prizes out to the winners. Our customized all natural, single-source treats our one-of-a kind prizes that encourage participation.

    • OurĀ treats are 100% Beef with no artificial ingredients or additives. Our high-protein beef jerky provides all the essential vitamin and minerals for your pet. They are classified as a super food suitable for puppies and senior dogs.

    • Your top three winners will receive a medley of our Beef Jerky Treats made from Liver, Lung and Spleen that is PersonalizedĀ with their pet's photo!

    • Prizes will be se shipped (for free) to the winners within one week of the contest ending.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions.

    • How Much Does it Cost?

      There is no cost to sponsoring a contest. Ā 4-Leg will build you a custom contest site complete with a ā€˜real-timeā€™ leaderboard and ways to enter and vote for either your pet or a friends pet. Ā 4-Leg will also supply all the prizes of our Premium Pet Treats with customized, with their petā€™s picture on the label. Ā 4-Leg will manage and coordinate the shipping of the prizes at the end of the contest.

    • How Do I Get Started?

      To get started simply call or email us. Ā There are some general thoughts on start date, social media support and other channels. Ā Please reach out at Kyle@4LegFund.org or call Kyle at (402) 672-3075

    • What is the Organization's (My) Responsibility?

      4-Leg is creating the Contest, providing Prizes and providing all reports and funds at the end of the Fundraiser. Ā For the Contest to be successful, you will need to promote it through your social media channels, email lists and partner companies. Ā If you have any media contacts, it is a good promotion to gain attention as well. Ā 4-Leg will also support you at any level. Ā For some Organizations, we provide all the postings/emails to be distributed while for others their handle this internally. Ā We donā€™t have a preference other than making sure it gets done šŸ˜Š

    • Who Supplies The Prizes?

      4-Leg Treats supplies all the prizes to the Contest. Ā The Treats are Premium, Usda Nebraska beef Jerky. Ā Our Medley has Liver, Lung and Spleen Jerky strips with a complete nutritional profile. Ā In addition, winners will receive these treats (shipped by 4-Leg) with a custom picture of their pet on the label. Ā The prizes are one-of a kind and priceless for the pet owner.

    • What Support is Provided?

      4-Leg will build a Campaign that includes a custom website with reporting features to reflect current amount raised. Ā We can also create content for Postings. Ā Format and create emails for a mass mailing. Complete any graphic work you think is needed. Ā Provide detailed reporting. Ā 7-day a week customer service from us personally. Ā 4-Leg provides the Prizes and coordinates shipping and custom labeling (The petā€™s picture) of each winner. Ā From start to finish we support will be watching and supporting the Campaign.

    • Do you have any Campaign Reporting?

      Yes, Throughout the Contest, you will be able to review amount raised, number of entries and votes. Ā At the end of the Fundraiser, we will provide a detailed report highlighting the supporters information and amount donated. Ā Our platform has the ability to Query reports for the unique situation with all reports and inquiries provided as part of the Campaign.